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the primary form of bone assessment is CBCT image analysis, but it has limitations because the equipment is not calibrated to determine bone density.
You only gain definitive knowledge of bone condition today during the drilling protocol.

The SIMDENSITY system complements CBCT technology and is the first to introduce calibrated bone density measurement in the applicable (SI) absolute units of g/cm³, enables non-invasive treatment planning and navigation of implant placement procedures as early as the preoperative diagnostic stage.


  • better targeted implant localisation in terms of bone quality parameters;
  • better quantitative and qualitative selection of implants for planned prosthetic work;
  • better identification of the risk group of periodontal patients with gingival recessions and bone dehiscence;
  • reduce the time and risk of surgery!





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Frequently Asked Questions

SIMDENSITY will be available from 1 December 2023.

SIMDENSITY is a cloud-based SaaS computing system that works in conjunction with a physical accessory in the form of a density standard tile. You will receive the density phantom from us after registration on simdensity.cloud

All you need is any computer hardware with a web browser capable of sending and receiving data files and an internet connection.

Registration in SIMDENSITY is free of charge, after registration you will receive from us by post the Density Phantom necessary for proper diagnosis in the CBCT examination.

You have three options:

  1. pay per use, you incur a fee for the service provided, which is automatically charged to the connected payment card;
  2. prepaid service package, you order the number of services specified in the package with prepayment;
  3. billing on the basis of the subscription agreement concluded, which will be according to a monthly statement of the tests performed.




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