Modern, in-use intuitive user interface that allows you to easily use the service on any device with a web browser. The System requires no additional software installation. 

SIMDENSITY includes modules:

  • patient registration
  • referral to external radiologist
  • examination billing
  • DICOM file viewer with new innovative features
  • reporting

Access to the System is free of charge. Payment is only for the bone density test performed at the indicated implant location.

simdensity system


SIMDENSITY introduces innovative functionalities into the doctor’s daily practice, these are:

  • reading of the bone quality parameter in absolute units of measurement: g/cm³;

  • an increase in quality and the ability to distinguish changes in bone density by applying a colour scale.
    The human eye’s perception of distinguishing colour changes against the grey scale degrees used to date increases significantly. This will allow you to pick up even small changes in parameters that you did not notice before;

  • until now, you have only become aware of the actual state of the bone quality during the execution of drilling protocols.
    Now SIMDENSITY allows you to navigate through the layers of the DICOM file with immediate readout of the bone density parameter. You will find the areas with significant density changes navigating unerringly already at the preoperative diagnostic stage.


A unique solution

SIMDENSITY, as the first tool to support pre-treatment diagnosis, will provide you with information that was not previously available.
Now you can plan your procedure better and more safely.

You can prepare your patient:

  • a precise treatment plan with fewer errors;
  • better information on the timing and type of implant prosthetic restoration;
  • information on the need for preparatory treatment for the implant procedure.

A unique solution





How does it work?

It's simple

The steps involved in assessing bone density. Non-invasively, based on a std CBCT image.

How does it work? It's simple

Order and delivery of a density phantom

  • Create an account on < find out how >
  • We will send the phantom density to you at the address you specify.


CBCT scan + with bone density phantom

  • Taking a DICOM image on the CBCT scanner with the density phantom


Upload DICOM file into the simdensity system


  • After logging into the simdensity system
  • Upload the DICOM file


Time for our work…

SaaS data processing

  • The data from the medical DICOM file is processed by our algorithms


Data visualization

  • The result you get is a presentation in the viewer you are familiar with, where you will find a 3D image, 3 projections, a bone density scale




Frequently Asked Questions

SIMDENSITY will be available from 1 December 2023.

SIMDENSITY is a cloud-based SaaS computing system that works in conjunction with a physical accessory in the form of a density standard tile. You will receive the density phantom from us after registration on

All you need is any computer hardware with a web browser capable of sending and receiving data files and an internet connection.

Registration in SIMDENSITY is free of charge, after registration you will receive from us by post the Density Phantom necessary for proper diagnosis in the CBCT examination.
A symbolic price of EUR 1 for the delivered Density Phantom will be added to the cost of the first examination and is related to the procedure of de-stocking.
The fee according to the current price list will only be charged for the bone density test ordered and performed.

You have three options:

  1. pay per use, you incur a fee for the service provided, which is automatically charged to the connected payment card;
  2. prepaid service package, you order the number of services specified in the package with prepayment;
  3. billing on the basis of the subscription agreement concluded, which will be according to a monthly statement of the tests performed.